Arabian Flight: Let the adventure ride begin

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as you fly across sizzling deserts, magnificent age-old buildings and face desert thieves on your magic carpet. Follow the journey of a nomadic Arabian boy as he faces threatening razor-sharp knives of

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Lok Sangram

Lok Sangram 2014- Get ready to compete with all new characters

Get ready to experience the biggest election drama as we unveil new playable characters in Lok Sangram 2014. The election fever just got hotter with inclusion of four new wacky cartoon caricatures of your favorite politicians in the game. Select

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Go Karts

Go Karts: Time to race for real

We have exciting news for our Go Karts fans. The racing game that took the world by thunder has been updated with a brand new feature. Now all you racing fans out there can compete in real cash tournaments as

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Lok Sangram 2014- Time to win votes for your favorite leader

The stage is set. The largest democracy of the world is about to select the next PM and everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear the final verdict as to who will get crowned this time. It is time

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25 Amazing Facts about gaming

Video games engulf our very core with gameplay that mystifies us, stories that thrill and amaze us and characters that live forever in our memory. There are so many small hidden stories and facts behind all the games that we

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bbc feature

Five-year-old gets credited as the security researcher at Microsoft

Kristoffer Von Hasse, a five-year-old boy who lives in San Diego and a great fan of video games has cracked into the security of Xbox- Video console from Microsoft. He figured out how to log into his dad’s Xbox account

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featured image

Mobile Game Development: How to build a Mobile game?

It’s just over five years since Apple iTunes and Google Play were launched, and within a short span of time, these stores are already flooded with millions of games ready to be downloaded. Smartphone industry is expected to double its

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oculus rift

Facebook enters the VIRTUAL gaming arena with OCULUS VR

In a surprising turn of events, Facebook has agreed to purchase Oculus VR, the company behind virtual reality headsets in a massive $2 billion deal. This move is sure to have a momentous implication on world of gaming and communication.

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dot_out & gravity_life_icon

Its double bonanza for GameAnax: Dot out and Gravity Life released for iOS

GameAnax could not be having a better week. We are pretty stoked and thrilled to announce the release of our two new games, ‘Dot Out’ and ‘Gravity Life’ on iTunes. The exciting games will be free to download on the

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Doodle Tank Battle

Doodle Tank Battle released for Android and is Moga-enhanced

We are happy to announce the release of Android version for Doodle Tank Battle. The game that took Ouya and iOS users by storm is releasing for Android users. And to top this exciting announcement, we have additional news for

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