Who We Are

GameAnax is a speedily expanding game development studio based in Sunnyvale. Our focus is on creating entertaining and addicting games for iPhones, iPads and Android OS-based devices in addition to developing bespoke games for consoles and desktops. We create innovative and addicting games that appeal to users belonging to different age groups and interests.

What We Do and how

Over last 4 years, we have developed several games that have done well on the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. While conceptualizing, designing and developing games, we strive to develop engaging and innovative games that capture and retain the interest of people with different gaming propensities. That said, we also excel at developing salable games targeted at players who adore a particular gaming category.

Our Team

Our mobile gaming development team is comprised of talented people possessing a wide range of skill-sets. Our expert game developers understand the workings of mobile devices, our visual artists know how to enliven a game through stunning images, and our 2D and 3D animators breathe life into the games. Fresh talent and experience work hand-in-hand to craft some of the coolest games for smart devices.

Our Mission and vision

Mobile gaming has been getting bigger and bigger during the last 4 years, and mobile games apps see high downloads on all app stores. We aim to build fun, entertaining and effective games for iPhone and iPad, and we want our name to symbolize the very best attributes of mobile games development. Whether it is conceptualizing a mobile game or developing a game on the basis of concepts provided by our clients, under the guidance of Advisory Board we combine creativity and passion with market knowledge and experience to create games that bring the light of joy to the players’ eyes.