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GameAnax is a game development studio based in Ahmedabad and California. Our specialisation lies in crafting games for tablets and mobile phones, in addition to developing bespoke games for desktops and consoles. At GameAnax we have been striving for the past 9 years and take pride in creating 300+ happy clients across the globe. We believe that to remain significant and in style, we need to take our passion for delivering innovative and futuristic technologies to the next level. And so we did!
Apart from creating addictive games on different platforms, we have successfully created innovative enterprise solutions for an array of industries. We have worked with automobile, healthcare, and sports companies to sell their products using VR/AR technology. Solutions based on VR & AR is the next big thing and also one of our core competencies.
Core Values
Produce most Creative and Highest Quality Products with what is available right now
Positive work environment is the fuel to great creativity – always keep it clean & alive
Always be creative, open minded and resourceful
WE as a TEAM - always comes first before WE as an INDIVIDUAL
Always be positive, humble & helpful to your team members - they are YOUR FAMILY
Never stop learning new things and always focus on growth
Never lose passion and spirit for creating new miracles
Always believe in your teams capabilities


We strive to produce most entertaining and addictive games at the same time we also see ourselves as the problem solver for large enterprises and businesses with our innovative and state of the art VR/AR/MR solutions.


Our Missions is to produce innovative, engaging and highest quality games & enterprise VR/AR/MR solutions using our technical expertise and to provide state of the art environment to all our employees where they can have freedom to grow their skills and imagination.

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