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GameAnax provides Immersive technology solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality

Solutions based on VR is one of our core competencies and expertise. Over the last two years we have successfully served Automobile, Healthcare, Real Estate, Architectural and Sports Companies to sell their products using innovative and futuristic immersive VR solution. At GameAnax recently we have developed groundbreaking VR based enterprise solution for Automobile and Construction Companies where they can shift their entire sales process to Virtual Showrooms and Properties.
Real life experiences based on Augmented Reality have taken the world by a storm. The foundation of this technology relies upon an application based on a few major factors which scan the area or objects and display a 3D animated model on the same. Over the last two years we have successfully worked on the best AR solutions serving variety of industries. At GameAnax we have a pretty talented Unity 3D programers and 3D Team (consists of 3D Modellers, 2D/3D Animators and Texture Artists) having very versatile market experience and who works collaboratively to ensure the real experience of the requirement.
We develop fun, interactive and entertaining games that sell well. Our games are characterized by engaging storyline, a gameplay that is easy-to-understand, stunning graphics and rich backgrounds. Over the years, we have developed dozens of games for different platforms such as Android and IOS along with bespoke games for tablets, desktops and gaming consoles. It’s out forte, It’s what we do best. At GameAnax we work with Unity 3D Game Engine. We participated in the Unite India 2017 and two of our best developers being qualified with flying colours and they both ranked 1st and 2nd amongst all the other developers who took part in the examination all over India.
Our designers practice the art of applying aesthetics to create addicting games. We also conceptualise games and build game architectures by using hand drawn sketches, references for design, and UI. 1. We create and maintain the Game Design Document with utmost details 2. Conceptualise games and build entire games architecture by putting appropriate sketches/references for design/UI
Conceptualise games and build entire games architecture by putting appropriate sketches/references for design/UI. At GameAnax we have a team of highly trained 3D artists and we are one of the biggest supplier of 3D assets to few of the biggest game development companies around the globe. Our 3D team design the various visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, animations etc.
2D art breathers life into any game! Whether it’s the graphics, characters/animation, audio or other aspects of a game, they are all being designed and developed by our in house team with utmost care to detail.
We believe that for any experience to be authentic and entertaining, UI/UX needs to be intergrated thoroughly. We know what we do, and who we do it for. No matter the client, we believe we can crack what works the best for any gaming or industry solution. At GameAnax our team of UI , UX visualizers and Game Designers works closely to provide an engrossing and friendly experience to make the screens easily accessible for the users.
Characters brings life to the games – albeit its a tricky play. We help you design the highly creative characters of all kinds – from fun-filled creatures to realistic humans characters for video games, mobile games or animated films. At GameAnax our team of character designers and sketch artists write the story in the pictures. They fill the emotions and sentiments in to the characters so users can relate it to the storyline of the game which makes it more realistic and captivating.
GameAnax- A passionate squad of Immersive Media Technology!
We work with Enterprises, Small Businesses and Startups for the success of their businesses by using Immersive Technology.

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