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The advent of smart mobile devices has had a deep impact on the world of technology. More than any other industry, the gaming business has changed dramatically owing to the dominance of smartphones and tablets in the market.

Hundreds of millions of Android OS, Apple iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets have found their users and tech-savvy people spend at least some part of their day playing games on their mobile devices. Apart from consoles and desktops, GameAnax provides custom game development services for Android, Apple and Windows based mobile devices.

Our services help you:

GameAnax – The Complete Mobile Games Development Company

We develop fun, interactive and entertaining mobile games that sell well on the app stores. Our games are characterized by engaging storyline, a gameplay that is easy-to-understand, stunning graphics and rich backgrounds. Over the years, we have developed dozens of games for Android as well as Apple.

The following are some of the game development categories that we excel at :

Games for iPhoneSmart Developers Developing Smart Games for the Smartest Smartphone

Go karts game

Apple iPhone is the perfect gaming device – it has a 3.5 inch screen, powerful microprocessor, multi-touch options, powerful stereo, and several other gaming-friendly features. On top of it, the latest iOS is loaded with several features that make it possible to develop highly complex and graphic-rich games, and the Apple Gaming Center takes gaming interactivity to the next level. Our longstanding experience with iPhone development stands us in good stead. It enables us to develop powerful and effective games that make the most of iPhone’s gaming features.

Games for iPad is Perfect for Gaming. We Develop Games that are Perfect for iPad

Over 70 million people use iPads. Just like iPhone users, iPad users are known to be open to trying out new apps and games. The 9.7-inch X 7.5-inch iPad screen seems to be designed for gaming. Its HD screen, multi-touch support, super-fast microprocessor, powerful stereos, accelerometer, GPS, and geolocation features enable our game developers to create highly innovative and entertaining games. Our game developers and designers love each and every feature of iPad, and we build games that are loved by millions of iPad users.

Games for Android Games Market is Booming. Ride the Waves of its Success

Races game

These are dozens of Android-based smartphones and tablets. In less than two years since its launch, Android OS has powered hundreds of millions of tablets and smartphones. Android OS provides excellent facilities for developing games that work well across a vast variety of mobiles and smartphones. We love Android game development services as it is relatively easy to develop, submit, sell and market Android games. We develop fun and saleable Android games that help you earn high ROI on the Android Market.