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Hire a 2D Artist

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2D art requires a free hand drawing with lots and lots of creativity. Basically, 2D art appears on a flat surface and it involves sketches, themes, background, environments, characters, element drawings which comes in form of height and depth. As a client sometime it is quite difficult to hire a 2D artist for your game…

Hire a 3D Artist

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Hire an extraordinary 3D artist is not as easy as it look like and the reason is very clear that in India animation industry is still struggling and you can not reject this ground level of fact. 3D modelling is all about creating sculptures and the best 3D artists are the one who reads anatomy…

Hire a Game Developer

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As a client, the most difficult situation is to hire a game developer to work on your idea, when there are many available across the globe. Here I am sharing few points which can help you to hire a best game developer. The developers must aware with the latest technologies in the industry The developer…

6 Embarrassing Moments in Video Game History

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Video gaming industry has enjoyed unrivalled success from the time it took its baby steps in the industry, but like any other industry it had its share of hiccups and glitches which set it back in many ways. Some were serious, some pure laughable, some were truly shocking. But the gaming industry rose, above all,…

Getting inside the OCULUS RIFT

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Over a year ago, Oculus was just an aspiring start-up to the world chasing the dream of virtual reality that has lured countless techno enthusiasts, albeit without much success. When Oculus introduced its flagship virtual reality headset, ‘Rift’, the reception that it got was something no one till date had envisaged. Their Kickstarter campaign launched…

How a 3D game differs from a 2D game?

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2D games have been around us since the inception of the games while 3D games started developing as early in the eighties, but the mid 90’s actually saw the real revolution in the 3D games development.2D games are as different from 3D games as chalk and cheese. The soul of the game is the same,…

Smartphone or console- The best platform for gaming?

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If five years ago, somebody would have told me that I would be playing 3D, multiplayer and awesome graphical games on a mobile phone, I would have laughed my head off. But look here we are, spending an insane amount of hours playing all sorts of games on our smartphones. So does this mean that…

Slang Gamers use

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Me: Isn’t Sophia a total NOOB?
Emma: What?
Me: Totally GHOSTING her!!
Emma: I am so confused!
Me: SBT!! It’s a video game thing

What the future holds for gaming in 2014?

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The year 2013 was a big big year for the gaming industry. From social gaming seeing a new high, and smart phones becoming the major hub of coolest games, to the launch of the two biggest consoles- barely a week apart, 2013 proved to be a significant year for the gaming industry. Innovators were seen…

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