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Hire a 3D Artist

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Hire an extraordinary 3D artist is not as easy as it look like and the reason is very clear that in India animation industry is still struggling and you can not reject this ground level of fact.

3D modelling is all about creating sculptures and the best 3D artists are the one who reads anatomy very well and knows how sculptures look structurally. Those who are passionate and enthusiastic enough to create realistic arts, stays here forever!

If you are planning to hire 3D artists, you must check on with below points…

Portfolio: The first thing is to look at the portfolio.

Key point: 3D artist has to be well known with the fact of how to represent an art in a hierarchy of structure so it can give a realistic and multidimensional view of the model or art.

Experience: 3D art is not way technical but it requires a lot of practice so the more experienced the artist is the more quicker and perfect he or she can be for your project.

Having served to the Industry for more than 9 years we have treasure of extraordinary portfolio for all the genre. We have hands on experience of working with huge realistic environments, vehicles, props, characters and animation.

And of course this is not possible without having a great team. Hence, we have highly efficient team of 3D artists who does not only produce the great art but also work in a team which ensures the timely delivery with superlative quality and this work method made us proud to be the biggest supplier of 3D assets across the globe. 

As a Gaming studio we have flexible business models to hire a 3D Artist which is not only affordable and reliable but secure too. We work with Enterprises, Small Businesses and Startups to convert their idea immersively. Do let us know your requirements and we will take care rest of the things. Drop an email now-

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