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Which Game Engine you should choose?

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Unity3D and Unreal Engine are only 2 Game engine which executes an indispensable position in Game Industry. The choice of the engine must be based on the necessity because both own their individual offerings. Basically, a Game Engine depends on what sort of game you are thinking to build. I would prefer you to think…

Tribute to Mr. Satoru Iwata- Nintendo CEO and Game Lover

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July 11, 2015, is an infamous day for the gamers as well as the fans of the world famous gaming company Nintendo Corporation. The Japanese company has become the global epicenter of interactive video games and gaming consoles because of the dedicated efforts of its CEO, Mr. Satoru Iwata, and on July 11, 2015- the…

What to look for in a mobile game development company?

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A mobile game throws us in an escapist world where we can forget everything and launch our self in a virtual realm of our own. But have we ever stopped to ponder how these amazing games are developed? Making of a mobile game might look easy on the surface but they are much more complicate…

25 Amazing Facts about gaming

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Video games engulf our very core with gameplay that mystifies us, stories that thrill and amaze us and characters that live forever in our memory. There are so many small hidden stories and facts behind all the games that we have enjoyed and cherished. Let’s look at some of them: The game Sonic Hedgehog has…

6 Moments from video games we wish really existed

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Now, this seems to be every gamer’s dream. How awesome it would be, if what we do in some of our favorite virtual worlds would become a reality. How thrilling it will be if the things we love most in our video games can come to life! It seems pretty far-fetched, but there is no…

Do mobile games help your kids develop any skill?

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Kids playing games like hide and seek, lock and key, dodge ball were a common sight once upon a time. Fast forward 5 years and the balls have been replaced by joysticks and mobile phones. Nowadays kids are seen glued to their mobile screens. It feels as if mobile phones have become their life and…

Mobile games – Addiction or Advantage?

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Mobile games are evolving like never before. There are so many games out there that we are truly spoilt for choice. If you say that you have not played a mobile game ever, you surely will be looked down upon. Mobile games are everywhere. You can see people faces glued down to their mobile screens…

The importance of music in mobile games

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Music can put soul in any object, and if that object is as revolutionary and commanding as a MOBILE GAME, it adds value beyond expectation. Both mobile games and music invokes the same feelings of excitement, passion, dreams, mystery and unlimited joy. Who can forget the catchy tune of the Super Mario Franchise? It was…

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