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Mobile games – Addiction or Advantage?

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Advantage or Addiction

Mobile games are evolving like never before. There are so many games out there that we are truly spoilt for choice. If you say that you have not played a mobile game ever, you surely will be looked down upon. Mobile games are everywhere. You can see people faces glued down to their mobile screens anytime, anywhere. Like them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them.

Mobile games are not just time-killers anymore. A mobile game teaches you so many things without you even realizing it. Have you ever stopped to think that you are learning the intricate lessons of real life physics while playing “Angry birds”, or how “Where’s my water” teaches you problem-solving skills using concepts of gravity and physics.

I have seen kids solving the most challenging games, so easily and quickly. And trust me some these games are really challenging. It’s not easy to solve them, let alone master them. Not only are they tremendously challenging, but super exciting also. The current rage, “7 little words” is an excellent vocabulary learning game. And mind these little words, they are not little, But full of challenges. The best part is creativity that comes hand in hand while playing a game. The colors, themes, graphics takes you into a world which is full of marvel and joy.

Games optimize your hand eye co-ordination, mind to hand coordination. The swift movements really help to improve your reflexes. Mobile games have also been touted to improve your concentration skills. People who loathe sitting at one place are often seen easily glued to their seats while playing the game. Different genres of games make you effortlessly learn things. The popular puzzles game now are so beautifully made, they hone your memory in a super fun manner.

We are living in a persisting tensed world. Forever working hard, managing our personal and social life, managing the work-life balance. It seems life is always on the go. We need some moments out of our busy lives, to feel joy, lighten our tiring schedules, to escape in a world full of fancy and wonder. Does not a mobile game do just that?

But how much gaming is too much? Mobile games should not affect the vital activities like studying, reading, outdoor playing. If you can’t sit in a restaurant without taking out your phone to play a game, or if kids are grumbling about having to play outdoor games instead of mobile games, shunning their friends to play games or their grades are slacking, it’s time for some correction. You can’t let mobile games take over your entire life.

As always, anything in excess is always bad. You don’t want the most fun aspect of your life turning into a negative thing like addiction.

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