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Hire a 2D Artist

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2D art requires a free hand drawing with lots and lots of creativity. Basically, 2D art appears on a flat surface and it involves sketches, themes, background, environments, characters, element drawings which comes in form of height and depth. As a client sometime it is quite difficult to hire a 2D artist for your game…

Go Karts VR- Don’t let your adrenalin rests

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Overjoyed with the overwhelming response from gamers’ community worldwide for Go Karts racing game, we, gladly present before you its VR version. As we promised when gamers’ love for our fantastic racing game ‘Go Karts’ put it on the top 50 games’ list in the App Store, we come forward with the Virtual Reality version…

Round-up of Hardware news at this year’s E3

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This year’s E3 was all about games, in total contrast with last year’s show that was heavy on hardware news. However, still some interesting hardware launches and announcements managed to sneak in a show that had a focus on gaming. Virtual reality hardware like Sony’s Morpheus and Oculus’s Rift gave new updates while PlayStation launched…

Five-year-old gets credited as the security researcher at Microsoft

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Kristoffer Von Hasse, a five-year-old boy who lives in San Diego and a great fan of video games has cracked into the security of Xbox- Video console from Microsoft. He figured out how to log into his dad’s Xbox account without even possessing the correct password. Here’s how he hacked the hi-fi security of Xbox:…

Facebook enters the VIRTUAL gaming arena with OCULUS VR

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In a surprising turn of events, Facebook has agreed to purchase Oculus VR, the company behind virtual reality headsets in a massive $2 billion deal. This move is sure to have a momentous implication on world of gaming and communication. This is Facebook’s second multi-billion deal in this year. The company had purchased messaging application…

The new and latest of Mobile World Congress- 2014

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Mobile World Congress is the show where all the latest in Mobile Industry takes place. It's a renowned event for companies to reveal their hottest devices for the first time to the world. Most of the major launches have taken place in the first few days of the show. Let us follow everything big that...

Sony rolls out invites for PlayStation Now Beta

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Following its announcement in CES 2014 about launching PlayStation Now in the near future, Sony has started rolling out invites for its Beta version to PlayStation users. Reports started surfacing about the invites when users on various social forums started posting the images of their invites. However, it is still unclear how many of these…

5 New Gaming Breakthroughs at CES 2014

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CES is biggest global stage for innovations in consumer technologies for more than 40 years. The ongoing CES 2014 has once again showcased next-generation innovations in the largest hands-on event of its kind. Let’s go through all the latest in gaming showcased at CES 2014 till now. Sony Unveils ‘PlayStation Now’ Streaming Game Service Sony…

You Gamer, Ever Thought To Win Millionaire Jackpots?

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We know that so many people out there are passionate gamers since years and that in their personal experience they had the good luck to try several types of different games. Actually, most gamers begin from classic or arcade video games and then slowly switch to other types of games. The boundaries in the world…

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