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Go Karts is here – The race has begun!

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Our most ambitious game till date has hit the app store and has brilliantly achieved chart busting performance on the very first day of its launch. Go Karts raced to be in the Top 100 games on iTunes, and within just a short span of 3 days, Go Karts booked a place for itself in Top 50 racing games.
Our aim to provide a refreshingly simple yet a thrilling racer took shape with Go Karts. The zippy ride, pulsating action and magnificent graphics have seemed to hit the player’s chord. People are racing vehemently to unlock the new tracks and get an upper hand to win the ultimate race. The cute looking yet extremely fierce Karts are attracting the prominent attention .Surprisingly, many of our female fans have requested us to create life size Karts of our design !!
Players are raging to stamp their authority on the leaderboards. With so many challenging races and competitions, the leaderboards are creating a complete havoc among themselves. The interesting racing formats and assertive races provide the ultimate thrill to the players.

Some of our fans messages and reviews from the media!

Go Go karting ! Awesome Racing Game. “Awesome go kart racing game , very engaging game play and and beautifully design tracks. I always love to play go karting in my near go kart tracks and this game give me experience to play any where. Highly Recommended for all racing lovers.”– PabaloCT (iTunes)
Lots of action and hold on !!! its quick and before you know it your into the wall!!! – Navarroc(iTunes)
“This game is meant for racers who like to compete at the highest level and are ready for retaliation at the cost of their karts. It is a virtual battleground for true racers to battle-it-out on 11 realistic tracks, 6 captivating Go-Karts with customized controls.” –
“I started at 11 :30 pm in the night and when I again saw the time it was around 3 in the morning… I was continuously playing!!!! GoKarts is damn engaging! I am not going to recommend but force you to check it once, and I assure you that you will also fall in love with GO GO GO GO Gokarts” – krank buddy
“Real Racer..!!! – I love going for kart racing with my friends. And this game comes to near to the real experience. Am in total love with it.Liked the speed and tilt steering controls. Everything about this game is amazing…..” – J_smith23, (iTunes)
Again thank you everybody and enjoy racing!!
Are you ready to enjoy this thrilling race? Download GoKarts today!!

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