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6 Moments from video games we wish really existed

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Now, this seems to be every gamer’s dream. How awesome it would be, if what we do in some of our favorite virtual worlds would become a reality. How thrilling it will be if the things we love most in our video games can come to life!
It seems pretty far-fetched, but there is no harm in dreaming, right?
And with that, we came up with our top 6 wish list that needs to become real in our actual lives. And we start the list with..

1) Power-ups

Life would be so much cooler if we had video game’s power-ups in our real life. Eat mushrooms and turn big. Turn on the jetpack and fly over the city. Grab a crystal and turn invincible. And, what’s more, it requires zero effort on our side to use these power-ups.
1 ups
Life would be superbly exciting with all these power-ups. Maybe if we could even come up with some of our own customized power-ups. Like an extended arm, jumping boots, portable tunnels to take us anywhere. High hopes! Who knows if some nerdy scientists are on the look-out for something exciting, they might just hear us!

2) 1 ups

It’s pretty obvious, right? But we don’t think that living as immortals forever can be an easy task. We are not asking to live forever, but it will be really nice to have a 1-up to let us do things we are far too cowardly to risk.
The hoarded lives will let us perform stupid things without worrying about the consequences. Without the crushing fear of dying, you never know what things we might end up doing. Like bear wrestling, making a 50ft jump, speed racing, swimming with sharks, and checking-out volcanoes – the possibilities are endless!

3) Hints

Won’t our life be super-easy if we can have hints for every problem we encounter? Imagine this: You are wandering nomadically in an unknown land and you are practically lost, what you do? Well! No worries, you have accumulated hints which will show you whether to go right or left!
Money Money everywhere!
It will provide us a checklist to decide on the most important things like what to buy, where to buy, whether a person is a rogue or star! Now that’s what I call a life-saver!

4) Money Money everywhere!

It is so easy to earn money in video games. You are walking along and you see some coins floating in the air. You grasp them, and then some more and without realizing you have collected heap loads of money.
Restore energy
It seems that every nook and corner of the game is filled with some sort of reward and money. You jump, you earn money. You break bricks, you earn money. You bust open jars and chests, and not surprisingly, yet again earn some more money.
If only, earning money were so easy in real lives. Every time we need money we will break some vases and bricks or just go for a nice run. All of our economic problems would be solved, and we would never be fighting for money.

5) Restore energy

Would it not be convenient that every time we are dog-tired, we instantly have an energy button to restore our health? Imagine this: not having any sick days, not feeling tired and having the ability to do everything we wish for.
In a perfect video game world, the moment we feel out of energy, the restore button will reinstate us to our health. It will be super cool to have a customized energy button or an energy bar handy with us everywhere we go. The moment we get tired all we have to do is hit our energy button, and we are ready to roar again.

6) We can hoard as much as we want

Is not it great how we have unlimited space in video games to hoard as much as we want. There is no limit to how much you can carry or anybody telling us that we don’t need this stuff.
It perfectly makes sense to hoard stuff that we think we would never make use of. There is no video game stigma attached when you have accumulated ridiculously burdensome dragon parts, grenades, entire inventory of power-ups, slew of weapons and all sorts of junk.
Maybe some of these fanciful, hypothetical things might just get real, when pigs fly. Till then tell us your video game moment that you wish would happen in your life.

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