Smartphone or console- The best platform for gaming?

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If five years ago, somebody would have told me that I would be playing 3D, multiplayer and awesome graphical games on a mobile phone, I would have laughed my head off. But look here we are, spending an insane amount of hours playing all sorts of games on our smartphones. So does this mean that…

Sony rolls out invites for PlayStation Now Beta

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Following its announcement in CES 2014 about launching PlayStation Now in the near future, Sony has started rolling out invites for its Beta version to PlayStation users. Reports started surfacing about the invites when users on various social forums started posting the images of their invites. However, it is still unclear how many of these…

Video games helped this survivor Fight cancer

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Steven Gonzalez, 12 years old, was at a Boy Scout camp when he first felt the symptoms of something atrocious hitting him. The doctors diagnosed him with a rare form of cancer called myeloid leukemia that causes frequent infections, pain and anemia. Doctors gave him a mere 2 percent chance of recouping from this ghastly…

Go Karts Android Version– Out now

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GameAnax is proud to announce the release of our hugely popular racer, Go Karts on Android. Go Karts is now available to download in Google Play.

Slang Gamers use

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Me: Isn’t Sophia a total NOOB?
Emma: What?
Me: Totally GHOSTING her!!
Emma: I am so confused!
Me: SBT!! It’s a video game thing

5 New Gaming Breakthroughs at CES 2014

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CES is biggest global stage for innovations in consumer technologies for more than 40 years. The ongoing CES 2014 has once again showcased next-generation innovations in the largest hands-on event of its kind. Let’s go through all the latest in gaming showcased at CES 2014 till now. Sony Unveils ‘PlayStation Now’ Streaming Game Service Sony…


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Wow!! Go Karts is rapidly climbing the iTunes charts and creating an explosion in racing games! The latest milestone of Apple considering our game as ‘New and Noteworthy’ app has made us super thrilled and honored. We are ecstatic that gamers all over the world are enjoying this thrilling ride. The journey so far has…

Go Karts outstanding success story on iTunes!

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Go Karts has stamped its authority on iTunes with a booming success from the very first day of its launch. The game succeeded in achieving the 81st rank on iTunes as soon as it was launched on the app store. From that point onwards, there was no looking back for the game, which went on…

What the future holds for gaming in 2014?

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The year 2013 was a big big year for the gaming industry. From social gaming seeing a new high, and smart phones becoming the major hub of coolest games, to the launch of the two biggest consoles- barely a week apart, 2013 proved to be a significant year for the gaming industry. Innovators were seen…

Mobile games – Addiction or Advantage?

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Mobile games are evolving like never before. There are so many games out there that we are truly spoilt for choice. If you say that you have not played a mobile game ever, you surely will be looked down upon. Mobile games are everywhere. You can see people faces glued down to their mobile screens…