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Go Karts-The making

Wow!! Go Karts is rapidly climbing the iTunes charts and creating an explosion in racing games! The latest milestone of Apple considering our game as ‘New and Noteworthy’ app has made us super thrilled and honored.

We are ecstatic that gamers all over the world are enjoying this thrilling ride. The journey so far has been very exciting and extremely rewarding for us. We learned, made many mistakes, argued a lot, but in the end we came close to achieving our dream.

We can’t thank our fans enough for showing their undying love and appreciation for our work.

The journey has been long but so very worthwhile at the end. The raging success of Go Karts on the iTunes charts has made us excited, satisfied and very very happy!! Yay

It has definitely been a long time since we first thought of creating a fast-paced speed game. After the splendid success of Crazy Monster Truck, we wanted to create a game which would take our passion for creating die-hard racing games a mile further.

We wanted to venture in something which has not been tried or attempted before, something, which will not only, excite our gamers but also give us a drive to push our boundaries.

After selecting and cancelling many drafts (some of them were plain hilarious), the idea of a Go Kart racing game just hit us. We wanted to create something new and different for our gamers and to give a real Kart racing experience. Till this point, app markets were flooded with whimsical karting games, but none of the games actually gave the rush and thrill of a fast-paced karting race. Our aim was to make every gamer out there, whether an advanced racer or a pro, enjoy the mad rush of driving an insanely fast kart on the tracks.

We started working hard on the story board, and bit by bit the game started coming alive. Our biggest aspiration was to create tracks taking real life inspirations from world famous Karting Tracks. We researched meticulously and designed the most beautiful looking 11 tracks for fueling the amazing ride. The many turns, long stretched runs and challenging circuits took the game on an exhilarating mode.

Slowly and gradually all the salient features of the game started unleashing on our screens. The vibrant 6 Karts were designed, and so was the gripping sound score. The gameplay was conceived, and what we had looked noteworthy. But still something was missing; we needed something to give the game, the WOW factor.

The idea sprang on us, to give personalized controls to the Karts. We wanted to give complete freedom to the racers to drive their Karts on these stunning tracks. The personalized controls meant total self-reliance to adjust the speed, tilt steering and brakes. It meant complete control to the racers.

After many hiccups and glitches, and some more tweaking and polishing, Go Karts was ready to be released. Like any other game designer, we were skeptical about our game. Will it be loved by gamers? Will they find it worthy of their time? Will Go Karts make them feel the same rush we felt when we designed it? So many reservations and so many doubts! And only one way to find out, releasing Go Karts worldwide on App store!

The first day of the launch was like a roller coaster ride for us. Each new download and each new review made us jump with ecstasy. It felt that our months of hard work were finally paying off.

We still have a long way to go! We want to see Go Karts right on the top of chart, loved and enjoyed by millions of players.

We will be back with much more.

Happy Racing,


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