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Lok Sangram 2014- Time to win votes for your favorite leader

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Lok Sangram 2014
The stage is set. The largest democracy of the world is about to select the next PM and everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear the final verdict as to who will get crowned this time. It is time to take this epic battle on your mobile screens as your fly your favorite idol to the PM Chair in our newest game LOK SANGRAM 2014
The game is loaded with wacky cartoon caricatures of your favorite leaders namely the popular chief minister of Gujarat-NaMo, the blue-eyed boy of Gandhi family –RaGa and the new and aspiring leader of common man- Arwind Kejriwal. Play as your favorite leader and tap the screen to help your idol cross the opposition ballots that are floating in the air. The more ballots you cross, more votes you can garner for your candidate to help them throne the PM chair.
It’s time to show the world that who gets your ardent support. Let the ultimate clash to gain the supremacy of world’s largest democracy begin!!
The game is out now on Android devices. You can download the game here.
And don’t forget to cast your important votes.
Happy Voting and Happy Playing,

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