Month: June 2014

6 Embarrassing Moments in Video Game History

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Video gaming industry has enjoyed unrivalled success from the time it took its baby steps in the industry, but like any other industry it had its share of hiccups and glitches which set it back in many ways. Some were serious, some pure laughable, some were truly shocking. But the gaming industry rose, above all,…

Round-up of Hardware news at this year’s E3

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This year’s E3 was all about games, in total contrast with last year’s show that was heavy on hardware news. However, still some interesting hardware launches and announcements managed to sneak in a show that had a focus on gaming. Virtual reality hardware like Sony’s Morpheus and Oculus’s Rift gave new updates while PlayStation launched…

Getting inside the OCULUS RIFT

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Over a year ago, Oculus was just an aspiring start-up to the world chasing the dream of virtual reality that has lured countless techno enthusiasts, albeit without much success. When Oculus introduced its flagship virtual reality headset, ‘Rift’, the reception that it got was something no one till date had envisaged. Their Kickstarter campaign launched…

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