Month: February 2014

The new and latest of Mobile World Congress- 2014

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Mobile World Congress is the show where all the latest in Mobile Industry takes place. It's a renowned event for companies to reveal their hottest devices for the first time to the world. Most of the major launches have taken place in the first few days of the show. Let us follow everything big that...

6 Moments from video games we wish really existed

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Now, this seems to be every gamer’s dream. How awesome it would be, if what we do in some of our favorite virtual worlds would become a reality. How thrilling it will be if the things we love most in our video games can come to life! It seems pretty far-fetched, but there is no…

Do mobile games help your kids develop any skill?

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Kids playing games like hide and seek, lock and key, dodge ball were a common sight once upon a time. Fast forward 5 years and the balls have been replaced by joysticks and mobile phones. Nowadays kids are seen glued to their mobile screens. It feels as if mobile phones have become their life and…

Smartphone or console- The best platform for gaming?

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If five years ago, somebody would have told me that I would be playing 3D, multiplayer and awesome graphical games on a mobile phone, I would have laughed my head off. But look here we are, spending an insane amount of hours playing all sorts of games on our smartphones. So does this mean that…

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