Month: December 2013

What the future holds for gaming in 2014?

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The year 2013 was a big big year for the gaming industry. From social gaming seeing a new high, and smart phones becoming the major hub of coolest games, to the launch of the two biggest consoles- barely a week apart, 2013 proved to be a significant year for the gaming industry. Innovators were seen…

Mobile games – Addiction or Advantage?

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Mobile games are evolving like never before. There are so many games out there that we are truly spoilt for choice. If you say that you have not played a mobile game ever, you surely will be looked down upon. Mobile games are everywhere. You can see people faces glued down to their mobile screens…

Go Karts is here – The race has begun!

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Our most ambitious game till date has hit the app store and has brilliantly achieved chart busting performance on the very first day of its launch. Go Karts raced to be in the Top 100 games on iTunes, and within just a short span of 3 days, Go Karts booked a place for itself in…

The importance of music in mobile games

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Music can put soul in any object, and if that object is as revolutionary and commanding as a MOBILE GAME, it adds value beyond expectation. Both mobile games and music invokes the same feelings of excitement, passion, dreams, mystery and unlimited joy. Who can forget the catchy tune of the Super Mario Franchise? It was…

A thunderous start for Go Karts!

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We are thrilled about the launch of our newest racing sensation, Go Karts –the ultimate 3D Kart Racing game. The game has phenomenally achieved high ranking on the app store from the very first day of its launch. We are super excited to see gamers enjoying this ultimate racing showdown on their iPhones and iPads…


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