Month: May 2014

What to look for in a mobile game development company?

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A mobile game throws us in an escapist world where we can forget everything and launch our self in a virtual realm of our own. But have we ever stopped to ponder how these amazing games are developed? Making of a mobile game might look easy on the surface but they are much more complicate…

How a 3D game differs from a 2D game?

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2D games have been around us since the inception of the games while 3D games started developing as early in the eighties, but the mid 90’s actually saw the real revolution in the 3D games development.2D games are as different from 3D games as chalk and cheese. The soul of the game is the same,…

Arabian Flight: Let the adventure ride begin

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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as you fly across sizzling deserts, magnificent age-old buildings and face desert thieves on your magic carpet. Follow the journey of a nomadic Arabian boy as he faces threatening razor-sharp knives of the desert thieves. Tap swiftly to keep the magic carpet flying without colliding with the…

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