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Learn Spellings the Fun Way ! Make Yourself Sharper. Challenge Your Logic.

The cat is on the prowl and is hurling objects on the adorable dog. Identify and Spell the objects correctly to save the dog from drowning in the water!

A fun and entertaining way to learn spellings! It challenges your logic, eye to hand co-ordination and spelling skills. You will have to identify the falling objects and swipe the correct name from the array of alphabets available!

There is only one catch, don’t let the water level cross the danger limit and let the poor dog drown! Spell them quick and fast!

Exciting Features!

Improve your spelling skills

  •  Visual learning
  •  Exciting power-ups to help you spell faster
  •  Fun achievements motivates to spell perfectly
  •  Leaderboard to share the skills you have achieved
  •  Grab loads of dazzling bonus stars every day
Word Shooter

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