Gravity Life


Gravity Life

You are spiralling down the infinite span of Space; your only way to survive is to keep absorbing alike life forms and continue growing!! But beware; there are deadly and lethal viruses out there ready to infect you with their wrath. Exterminate them before they convert you into one of them!!

This never ending game will make you experience the journey of life with utmost simplicity! Choose from the accelerometer or swipe action to move in this vast virtual Space!

Remember the more you grow, the longer you will SURVIVE!!


  • 6 Enticing Power ups to help you grow and destroy your enemies!
  • Survive the longest to score more and collect more coins!
  • Upgrade to exciting Power-ups!
  • Brag your high scores to your friends and challenge them to top your scores!
  • Attain all ACHIEVEMENTS and show your buddies who has the best skills!
Gravity Life