Advisory Board

Meet the masterminds of the Gaming Studio whose support and ideas have helped GameAnax to excel. The Advisory Board comes up with the most cost-effective solutions that specifically adhere to your requirements and at the same time, furnish you with revolutionary games that can change the game for you.

  • Kalpesh Purohit

    Kalpesh has over 11 years of experience in 3D Animation and Multimedia Industry. He is a project manager for Gaming and Animation Division.

    Kalpesh has an experience of working on 200+ projects that mainly includes Gaming, 3D Animation, Architectural Walkthroughs, Advance Lighting, Product Designing, Product Modeling and Corporate Films. In a past few years, he has been a part of many successful gaming projects including Crazy Monster Truck -Escape that showed 1 Million downloads within a week of its launch.

    He has great interest in learning about new technologies. The gaming is all about coming up with innovative ideas. And what makes him different from others is his grasping power and quick adaption to latest technology. This helps his team to develop engaging and out-of-the box games without any hassles and delays. His hobbies include traveling, photography and Blogging.

  • Jigar Panchal

    Jigar possess a Masters in Computer Science with Information Technology degree. He started his career at a young age in IT industry, and has a deep understanding of user experience and interface design. He is a huge fan of mobile games, specially the races – where he spends his most of the time.

    Driven by "Think wise, Act smart, Live simple" motto, he is quite forceful and outspoken in expressing his thoughts. He loves his work and shoulders a number of other responsibilities besides his regular tasks at the organizational level. Jigar is very good at communicating his idea and giving them visual representation.

    He likes playing cricket, tennis, volleyball. He also enjoys playing his games on the iPad. Jigar loves his food – especially traditional Indian recipes.